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A Navy SEAL team, searching for Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, discovers a time machine... For more, Contact: mark@mark-shaffer.com

Climb aboard the band truck and head out on the highway. Destination: A rowdy roadhouse on the outskirts of town.  Bikers, Rednecks, a Rock Band, Groupies and a small town Sheriff who tries to keep the peace on a Saturday night.

A tribute to the 1980's music scene.

My name is Mark Shaffer, I'm a professional musician based in Seattle Washington. I write action / adventure screenplays with a little romance and comedy thrown in.

I'm seeking to connect with filmmakers interested in original stories.
Please take a minute and check out one of my awesome  scripts.

A homeless combat veteran suffering from PTSD,  assumes the role of reluctant hero when a bullied nerd and his goth girlfriend carry out a revenge attack at their high school's Halloween dance.

A fast paced read with efficiently written dialogue throughout that is full of subtext.  Many captivating elements, a powerful story. - THE BLACK LIST



An aging Texas Ranger is torn between loyalty and justice as he pursues an innocent young Tejano into Mexico.